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We offer Tarkett's Easyturf Collection in Europe: Decorative & Landscape artificial grass.

iTarkett EasyTurf Collection aims to become the clear choice of homeowners, landscapers, architects, town-halls, municipalities, contractors, nursery schools and play grounds across Europe.  

Our products are of European origin and are certified with the CE marking.

Through its numerous divisions and companies, the Tarkett Group provides flooring for many industries worldwide, including sports, residential, and commercial applications.

Headquartered in Paris, Tarkett employs over 12,000 people around the world and has an annual turnover of €2.3 billion. With over 130 years of experience in creating safe, sustainable, and inspiring products, Tarkett is a worldwide leader for flooring solutions. 

Fieldturf is the artificial turf division of Tarkett Sports and a global leader of artificial turf. 

With more than 7,000 sports surfaces across the globe and 20,000 synthetic grass installations in Europe and North America, FieldTurf has used its experience to design a pioneering range of Leisure and Landscape products, with the look and feel of natural grass:


Tarkett's Easyturf Collection

Based in Germany, MET's manufacturing plant is a fully integrated operation which is setting the path with the design and manufacture of landscape artificial grass monofilaments with the best performance and longevity.


MET origins date back to 1988 with the automation of fiber extrusion lines. In 2010 the global leading company in sports surfaces and artificial turf manufacturer, Fieldturf, a Tarkett Sports company, acquires MET to develop and produce the most innovative artificial grass fibre technologies.

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